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  All Partners Meeting
  October 17, 2014

Cynthia Damba [1], Peter Gozdyra [2,3], Flora Matheson [2,3], Rick Glazier [2,3], Nadiya Minkovska [3], Mat Krepicz [4], Catalina Yokingco [5],
Akm Alamgir [6], Anne-Marie Tynan [3], Shirley Bryant [1], Steve Barnes [7], Alexandra Weiss [7]

Not present in the picture:
Mohammad Agha [2,3], Harvey Low [4], Nancy Day [5], Yogendra Shakya [6], Brenda Roche [7], Lynne Raskin [8], Anthony Mohamed [8]

[1] Toronto Central LHIN
[2] Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
[3] Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael's (C-UHS)
[4] Wellbeing Toronto
[5] Toronto Public Health
[6] Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
[7] Wellesley Institute
[8] South East Toronto Organization (SETo)
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